Domaine Inebriati



Inebriati is a domain created in 2010 with only 2 hectares of vineyards in the Beauthorey domain, which has been leading organic and biodynamic farming since 1994. To date, the estate is close to 6 hectares. Located on the northern end of the Pic-Saint-Loup appellation area (Corcone and Vacquières), the vines are planted in the middle of the garrigue, surrounded by limestone cliffs.

The terroir is known as the "engraver", which offers to the Pic-Saint-Loup one of its most famous terroirs. They are angular pebbles of limestone from the erosion of the cliffs, mixed with brown earth. The soil has the peculiarity to keep a great freshness in summer, to be very draining and of great depth. The Mediterranean climate of the region is characterized by warm and rather dry summers, and the vineyards benefit from heavy rainfall in autumn, characteristic of the Cévennes foothills.

Winemaking is always done without oenological products, eager to stay close to the intimate nature of the terroir, to produce live and precise wines. The wines are extracted before and after the winter, in order to obtain a natural clarification. They wines are bottled with minimal amounts of Sulphur.