About Us


About Us

Rooted Selections is an import company based on the simple idea that wine is so much more than a beverage. To us, wine is a passion, it brings family and friends together, and allows you the experience of traveling the world in a glass.

Now that the high-minded intellectualism is out of the way, we can get to the truth. We love wine, surely for the reasons stated above, but mostly because it’s delicious! It is this love of wine and a burning desire to try as many as possible that has led us to seek out lesserknown regions, grape varieties, and wineries. Through our “wine travels” we have discovered some important things about these well-kept secrets. First (and most important), these wines are delicious and often represent amazing values. Second, the wines we love are produced by passionate family wineries that have a great love and respect for their land. Finally, these wines are grossly underrepresented in the United States. It is for these reasons and the fact that we want to enjoy these remarkable wines ourselves, we endeavor to scour the earth in search of truly unique and honest wines.



Travis’s curiosity about wine was first sparked while he was a student at the University of Central Oklahoma, where, in classes in the humanities, he came to recognize the importance of wine in the classical cultures of Europe, as well as the lasting role of fine wine in modern culture. This curiosity led to a job at a fine wine shop where his interest developed into an enduring passion for all aspects of the wine industry. After graduating with a degree in Humanities in 2009, Travis accepted a sales position with Oklahoma’s premier fine wine distributor, Thirst Wine Merchants. Never one to stop learning or pushing forward, in 2013 Travis passed both the Court of Master Sommeliers Certified Sommelier and the Society of Wine Educators Certified Specialist of Wine exams. In 2015, Travis completed the Wine Business Management certificate program from Sonoma State University. Also in 2015, Travis was promoted to Import Brand Manager for Thirst Wine Merchants. Since that time, Thirst’s import portfolio has become one of the most important and profitable parts of its business.



Rooted Selections brings a passion for wine and a respect for both producers and consumers to all aspects of its operations. Within that criteria, Rooted Selections is guided by four overarching principles: 

  • Commitment to environmentally-sound practices 
  • Dedication to a fair and honest relationship between wineries and distributors 
  • Recognition that service is paramount 
  • Understanding of the importance of dynamic marketing

It is with these ideals in mind that Rooted Selections endeavors to work alongside likeminded wineries and distributors to bring high quality and truly unique wines to consumers.

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