Domaine de Médeilhan



François Bergin founded Domaine de Médeilhan in 1890 after years of owning a successful wine trading company in Montblanc. Since then the domaine has past from generation to generation always under the management of the family. Throughout that time Domaine de Médeilhan built a reputation as one of the top growers and producers in the region. Since 1999, it is now one of the descendants of François, Christine de Sasucceede supported by her husband Hervé, who leads the Domaine de Médeilhan. It has been under Christine that the most exciting changes have taken place, because even though the domaine had a great reputation among wine professionals in the area, consumers knew nothing of their wines, that is because in its almost 130 year history Domaine de Médeilhan never sold wine under its own label, choosing instead to sell to the many négociants of the area. Christine has changed all of that, now the domaine bottles wine under its own labels and has converted or is in the process of converting all of its vineyard land to the certified sustainable practice of Terra Vittis.