Levente Major has been familiar with the world of vineyards and wine since childhood. His grandfather and father made small amounts every year with a few barrels for their own consumption. Levente began to be interested in the art of wine during his high school and university years, as a result he purchased his first vineyard in 2004, which was followed by several other smaller plots. In the years since then, Levente has been constantly preparing for the future, his small estate has been a myriad of attempts and "experimentation". However, the goal is always the same, to produce a unique and authentic wine that is truly expressive in the areas of grapes. The love and respect for quality wines brought Levente and his friend Kornél together in 2013 when the two decided to go beyond making wine for just themselves and friends and instead create a winery that could create high quality wines based on Hungarian traditions and using only natural methods, thus strengthening the excellence of Hungarian wines on both domestic and international markets. 

The vineyards are located at the southern foothills of the Mátra village in Abasár. The unique stone composition of the mud mountain, which houses the vineyards, is also showcased in the distinctive flavors of the wines. The mountain emerged as one of the side-craters of the former mighty Stratovolcano, defining the uniqueness of the mother's Stones: The foundation rocks are andesite, Andesittufa and Pyroclays. Wine-growing soils are also complex in nature: Brown forest soil mixed with red clay, tuwoody debris and weeds. 


Terrior Squad #9 Levente