Turay Családi Pincészet


The Turay Family can date their winemaking history to the 17th century. The noble rank of the family was donated in 1663 by Emperor Leopold I. Twelve generations of the Turay family have cultivated grapes, only interrupted by the tumultuous times of the 20th century in Hungary. The current iteration of Turay Pince began in 2002 with the purchase of a small cellar and vineyard in the village of Baj in the wine region of Neszmély.

The cellar was originally built by the Capuchin monks approximately 250 years ago, and was expanded to a compressed house in the 1920. The building served as a meeting place for ecclesiastical persons and ceremonies. The cellar was originally carved into the ground, most of which was brick-headed, but a piece of it was in its original condition. The lower level of the building belonged to a small barn and grape processing area, which has now been converted to a tasting room. 

The autumn of 2006 saw the beginning of the vineyards replanting to a variety of traditional Hungarian and international varieties, which include: Solaris, Kékfrankos and Olaszrizling, Rozalia, Olaszrizling, Generosa, Harslevelű, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Since 2018 the estate has been farmed entirely in the biodynamic fashion in order to preserve both the health of the vines and the overall surrounding environment.